Misc. Animals

For the larger unwanted visitors in your home, we have trapping and humane release techniques that work effectively and efficiently on any area of your property. We also provide dead animal removal services for any unsightly scenes you may encounter. With on-call emergency service, we're always available.

The vertebrates of greatest pest importance to humans are the bats, birds, commensal mice and rats and squirrels, which either roost or nest on or within human structures or nearby. These animals are not only a nuisance, but they may damage/destroy property, eat and contaminate stored food, and/or be of human health importance as disease vectors and allergen sources. 

Raccoons often establish dens in chimneys when their den trees are destroyed. They can easily maneuver past a flimsy or poorly installed chimney cap. By nature, raccoons are very protective of their young and will tear apart a roof if one of her youngsters is trapped inside. These animals will seek shelter under porches or decks. They are only dangerous when provoked, trapped or rabid. However, raccoons are major carriers of rabies in Eastern and Northeastern U.S.

The eastern mole, hairy-tailed mole and the star-nosed mole are the most common species of moles in the United States. Moles produce one litter a year in the spring, averaging three to four young. Moles build an extensive complex of tunnels varying in depth. Control of moles can be a difficult situation, but our knowledge of the behavior, biology, and the variety of control techniques available will make this formidable task much easier.

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