Why APC?

Our company is a family-owned and operated organization that is very much vested in the communities we serveWe believe in the talents and experience of our people.  We are a company of integrity.  We give you the best, most honest and ethical service that we can.

With experienced technicians and industry-leading practices, we've got the solutions you need for your pest problem. Whether you need pests removed from your home, would like an inspection, or want your property protected for the future, our technicians here at Appalachian Pest Control have the services to meet your needs. We address pest issues across a number of species, including: bed bugs, termites, roaches, other insects, rodents, raccoons, other mammals, silverfish, and more! Our focus is on pests and rodents and removing them from your home or business quickly, affordably and with as little disruption as possible. Contact us today to learn more.