Pest Control for Bed Bugs and more in Huntington

Here at Appalachian Pest Control, we've made it our business and our passion to address pest issues so you don't have to. You could say we're the pests for the pests. With experienced technicians, industry-leading pest control practices and technology, and a wide service area, we've got the solutions for all types of pest problems. When you've got unwanted visitors, don't wait — call our experts today!

  • Over 50 Years of Collective Experience When you've been in the business as long as our pest control technicians have, you get to know pest problems inside and out. We combine years of hands-on experience and know-how with modern instruments and technology to tackle even the most difficult pest problems effectively and humanely. For high-quality pest control you can trust, choose the experience that counts! Choose us today!
  • Comprehensive Pest Control With experienced technicians and industry-leading practices, we've got the solutions you need for your pest problem. Whether you need pests removed from your home, would like an inspection, or want your property protected for the future, our technicians here at Appalachian Pest Control have the services to meet your needs. We address pest issues across a number of species, including: bed bugs, termites, roaches, other insects, rodents, raccoons, other mammals, silverfish, and more!
  • Proudly Serving West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio We are based in Huntington, WV but proudly serve not only all West Virginia, but Kentucky and Ohio as well. For emergencies, we offer and on-call service. Give our technicians a call or use our website to request a free estimate today!