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Bedbug Experts in Ashland, KY, and Huntington, WV

If you've got pest problems, we've got answers. With expert technicians and industry-leading pest control technology, we proudly offer control and extermination services for just about any type of infestation. From fly control to termites to silverfish, we do it all! Read on for a full list of the services we offer. 
Lots of bedbugs in Huntington, WV

Bed Bugs and Termites

Bed bugs and termites are some of the most destructive and difficult-to-remove pests out there. If left unaddressed, they can ruin a home. Through industry leading techniques such as fumigation and smaller in-house techniques, our technicians can deal with roach and termite infestations of all sizes, and will leave your home spotless and pest free by the time we are finished. 

Silverfish and Other Insect Control

Silverfish are a species of insect (with a confusing name) that can live almost anywhere, and are difficult to remove once a population has been establish.  If your home already hosts a silverfish population, hiring a professional who can create a customized approach is recommended. Here at Appalachian Pest Control, we have experience dealing with silverfish and other insect infestations, and will create a thorough, effective plan to eliminate them from your home at the least inconvenience to you and your family. 
Silverfish sitting on wood

Mammal Control and Dead Animal Removal

For the larger unwanted visitors in your home, we have trapping and humane release techniques that work effectively and efficiently on any area of your property. We also provide dead animal removal services for an unsightly scenes you may encounter. With on-call emergency service, we're always available. Call us today! 
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